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Electric Pulse Gyroscope Lighter

Electric Pulse Gyroscope Lighter

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  1. Windproof Double Arc: Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional lighters in windy conditions. Our Windproof Double Arc technology ensures a reliable flame, making it perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and those on the go.

  2. Spinning Toy: Elevate your lighter experience with an added touch of entertainment. The built-in spinning toy feature adds a playful element, making this lighter not just a utilitarian tool but also a source of amusement.

  3. Folding Fuselage: Compact and portable, the folding fuselage design enhances convenience and portability. Slip it into your pocket or bag effortlessly, and unfold it whenever you need a reliable flame.

  4. Type-C Charging: Embrace the future of charging with the convenience of Type-C. Our lighter comes equipped with Type-C charging, ensuring faster and more efficient charging to keep you prepared for any situation.

Product information:

Color: blue, orange, black, black nickel brushed, purple
Specification: Qidian X12 mecha gyroscope double arc
Charging/battery life: 1 hour of charging, 3-5 packs of cigarettes lit

Material: Zinc alloy
Features: Decompressed high rotation gyroscope

Packing list:

Lighter * 1 charging cable * 1

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