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Automatic Catapult Tennis Ball Launcher

Automatic Catapult Tennis Ball Launcher

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Is your beloved pet feeling a bit lethargic, lacking daily playtime excitement? Worry no more, because the solution is here!

Introducing the Automatic Catapault Tennis Ball Launcher, measuring a compact 21x26x27cm in size. This package includes three 5cm diameter balls, a power cord plug, a launcher, and a product brochure to guide you through the fun.

This product is designed to give dogs worldwide the ultimate opportunity to indulge in their favorite game of fetch. Say goodbye to your dog's boredom as this launcher ensures endless playtime enjoyment, fostering a lively atmosphere for both you and your furry friend.

How to Use:

  1. Press the power switch to turn on; three seconds later, the power indicator lights up. After another three seconds, the main machine turns off.
  2. Upon startup, press the power switch multiple times to select the throw distance: 3 meters, 6 meters, or 9 meters.
  3. The infrared sensor at the bottom of the tennis ball host scans every 10 seconds, allowing the host to deliver a ball every 10 seconds.

Note: The design involves the ball launching through the turning of the inside roller, resulting in some noise during use, which is considered normal.

Product Features:

  • Elastic tennis balls with a 5cm diameter, perfect for small pets to bite and play.
  • Three-stage launch distance control, catering to various small indoor spaces.
  • Launching and fetching balls, a favorite game for most dogs.
  • Miniature body, space-saving and easy to place in any free corner.
  • Enables you to engage with your beloved pet, even if your schedule is busy, as it contributes to keeping your pets healthy and dynamic.

Warranty information:

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