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Urban Serenity

Smart Foam Soap Dispenser

Smart Foam Soap Dispenser

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  1. Rapid Near-Field Infrared Induction: Experience a seamless handwashing process with our dispenser's state-of-the-art 0.25-second near-field infrared induction technology. No need to press any buttons, as the dispenser senses your hands and generates a rich foam instantly. This upgraded automatic bubble generation not only makes handwashing more convenient but also eliminates the risk of collisions.

  2. Extended Standby Time: With a single charge, our dispenser offers an impressive standby time of up to 45 days. Enjoy the convenience of extended usage without the need for frequent recharging. This feature ensures that the dispenser remains readily available for use, reducing the hassle of constant maintenance.

  3. Intelligent Charging for Sustainability: Our dispenser is designed with intelligent charging capabilities, providing a convenient and environmentally friendly solution. No need to disassemble the unit for charging, minimizing the risk of secondary damage to its lifespan. Embrace a sustainable approach to hand hygiene without compromising on efficiency.

Product Information:

Type: Auto-sensing
Installation method: desktop placement
Size: 100X79X210mm
Net weight: 310g
Capacity: Below 100L
Color: white, pink, green, dark green

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